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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions that are mentioned below, form an agreement regulating the relationship pertaining to the use of OXDISPLUS by you.

These terms make a legally binding agreement between the company and you regarding access and use of the web application OXDISPLUS and any services offered by the company including, but not limited to, content delivery and services provided. By accessing this web application or availing its service and/or by clicking “I agree”, you convey your agreement to these terms and rules. You hereby declare that you are at least eighteen (18) years old and are capable of understanding, accepting and adhering to these rules. While the web application can be accessed and used by individuals below the age of eighteen (18) years, they shall do it only under supervision and with involvement and guidance of their parents and/or legal guardians under the registered account of the parent and/or legal guardian. You agree to register in the web application prior to commenting or uploading any content or using the services of this web application. You agree to provide your accurate details including, but not limited to, complete name, age, email address, contact information and residential address. OXDISPLUS may add, modify or update these terms and conditions from time to time entirely at its own discretion and owes no explanation to the reason or purpose behind these changes. You are responsible for regularly checking these terms and conditions to remain updated about these changes and compliant with the same. Your continued use of the web application under any amendment to these terms and conditions shall denote your acceptance of these terms and your willingness to remain bound by such changes.

When you click the “Signup/ Login/ Join/ Register” button on the web application, you accept its terms and conditions, privacy policy and any other policies pertaining to the access and usage of the web application, using its services and tools provided, or as indicated otherwise on a product or service on the web application. Some specific services, applications and tools may have additional terms or agreements that govern their use and availability, and your usage of these services or access to these tools and applications are subject to all these additional terms and policies.

All content that is included in OXDISPLUS website and web application, including but not limited to graphics, music, messages, sounds, videos, ratings and text is copyright protected and is the sole property of OXDISPLUS. Permission for electronic copying and printing of content is granted for the sole purpose of purchase on OXDISPLUS and OXDISPLUS products and services. Display of such printed material or saved electronic copies of such material should be solely for personal and non-commercial use, or for placing an order on OXDISPLUS. Any other use, including but not limited to the reproduction, display, distribution or printing of content of the website or web application is strictly prohibited, unless authorized personally by OXDISPLUS. You are also in agreement that you will not delete or modify any notices from content and material that is downloaded from OXDISPLUS website or web application.

All trade names, service marks and trademarks of OXDISPLUS that are used on the website or web application are registered trademarks of OXDISPLUS.

  Warranty Disclaimer
OXDISPLUS website and web application, along with the products and service offered therein is without warranties of any kind. OXDISPLUS disclaims all warranties, to the fullest extent possible under law, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a specific intent and non-infringement. OXDISPLUS does not claim that the functionalities on the website and web application will be free of errors or interruptions; nor does it claim that the defects shall be corrected. The website and web application do not make any claim that the servers on which the website or web application is accessed will be free of viruses, malware or any other kind of cyber threat. OXDISPLUS makes no representations pertaining to the use of products and materials on the website or web application regarding their adequacy, correctness, reliability, utility or timeliness.

  Limitation of Liability
OXDISPLUS shall not be accountable for any damage that arises as a consequence of access to or use of, or the inability to access and use the materials and products on the website or web application. The same true in case OXDISPLUS has been notified of a possible consequential damage.

  Typographical Errors
In case of an OXDISPLUS product or material being listen at an incorrect price by mistake, OXDISPLUS reserves the right to cancel and refuse any or all the orders placed for the material or product that is listed at a wrong or incorrect price. This cancellation or refusal will be applicable to any order, regardless of the fact whether the customer’s credit card has been charged or not. If the credit card has already been charged at the time of cancellation of the order by OXDISPLUS, OXDISPLUS shall issue a credit to the associated credit card account for the same value as that of the incorrectly listed price.

  Notices and updates
OXDISPLUS reserves the right to deliver important and relevant notices and updates regarding its products, services and materials to your by mean of e-mail or post or any other means of communication to the contact information that you provide. OXDISPLUS holds no responsibility if you don’t receive these notices and updates because of a faulty input from your side.

  Third Party Links
For the sole purpose of providing an increased value to the visitors, OXDISPLUS may link other sites or third-party links on its website or web application portal. However, OXDISPLUS has no control over the content posted on these linked sites, and these sites may or may not have their own distinct privacy policies and data collection guidelines. OXDISPLUS shall not be held responsible for any discrepancy arising from access to these links. However, OXDISPLUS welcomes your feedback regarding these linked sites.

  Use of Site and Web Application
Any kind of harassment, including but not limited to verbal abuse, obscene language, abusive language, or abusive written content sent as e-mail or chat is strictly prohibited. You are obliged not to upload, publish or distribute any derogatory, illegal, objectionable or abusive content on the website or web application; failing which you will be held liable. Uploading any kind of commercial content with the purpose of asking others to join another commercial organization or online service is also strictly forbidden.

By clicking the “I agree” button, you are in agreement that you will defend and indemnify OXDISPLUS or any of its associated personnel in case of losses, damages or expenses arising out of violation of these terms and conditions, or because of any unsolicited activity or wrongful conduct on your part or by another person using your account. Responsibility of usage of the registered account is with the account holder only. OXDISPLUS has no liability or responsibility in the event of unlawful or unsupervised activity happening in the registered account.

  Online Purchases
OXDISPLUS is a mere platform where potential buyers and sellers interact for their commercial transactions. Therefore, OXDISPLUS is a facilitator for these transactions where the commercial terms are created by the sellers and agreed to by the buyers. These terms include but are not limited to shipping costs, date, period, price, delivery channel, after-sales policies and warranties pertaining to the items or products sold and purchased. Upon selecting the most appealing deal on OXDISPLUS, the customer may be directed to the vendor’s (Merchant’s) website to effectuate the purchase for which a discount or offer is applicable.

Generation of cash back is the sole responsibility of the Merchant and dependent on the purchase confirmation. You acknowledge that in case of a non-confirmation by the Merchant, OXDISPLUS reserves the right to cancel cash back. In addition, even though the cash back or additional bonus earned by the User may not have an expiry date, OXDISPLUS reserves the right to remove this amount without any prior notice.

  Responsibilities of the Merchant
The business that is to be collaborated with OXDISPLUS should be operational for no less than 6 months prior to the date of signing this agreement, only then shall the merchant be considered for PLUS CARD (offline).

The Merchant is required to offer the applicable discount to the User presenting the discount coupon throughout the validity of this agreement. Additionally, the Merchant has to recognize the PLUS CARD holder (offline)/ (online) as a special customer and give proper awareness to the employees about the same.

In the event of failure on the part of the Merchant to offer the additional discount to the PLUS CARD 9offline) holder or (online), the Merchant shall be blacklisted and the agreement will be terminated with immediate effect.

OXDISPLUS will provide a certificate and other promotional material to the Merchant for regular display at various outlets and retail offices, failure of which shall result in termination of the contract and agreement.

The Merchant is responsible for the content he chooses to display on OXDISPLUS. All such content should be free of racial, abusive, defamatory, obscene or illegal. At the same time, it should not infringe any patent or intellectual property of another merchant. This content shall not be misleading or dubious, nor shall it contain any hidden computer code or malware. In case of violation of these rules, the agreement shall be terminated.

OXDISPLUS is neither responsible nor liable for any activity of the Merchant or vendor that result in a breach of rules or misrepresentation of products or services. Furthermore, OXDISPLUS does not sell or stock any products, nor does it take any responsibility of User’s action upon receipt of a faulty product or dubious services.

You are in agreement that you are availing the services offered on the website and web application solely at your own risk and are fully aware of the consequences that may arise because of a faulty transaction. Any violation of these terms and conditions by you may result in suspension or termination of your access to the website or web application with or without any notice. Any disputes in this regard shall be under the direct discretion of the Indian Judicial System.