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The Oxdis Plus

The newly invented web based application OXDIS is actively working to provide the potential sellers and buyers an interactive platform which would only be used for operating commercial transactions. OXDIS plays the role of a facilitator who assists both parties to complete the trading process smoothly. In this platform the commercial norms and terms are declared by the sellers and the buyers have to accept those norms although customised norms could also be suggested by the buyers. The terms or norms include – shipping costs, delivery period, price, date of delivery, warranties of the sold products and other after-sales policies.
The associated business is eligible for having PLUS CARD (offline). The Merchant is also liable to recognise the PLUS CARD holder (offline) or online customers from ( and meet their requirements.
Various materials and outlets would be provided to the merchants by OXDIS so that those could be used as promotional displays.
After selecting the most appealing deal of OXDIS, the customers may directly checkout the seller’s website to justify the deal and avail the discount offered on this deal.
Payment methods and general cash back policies are fully depended on the ethics of the merchants and convenience of the customers. It must be acknowledged that OXDIS is entitled to cancel the cash back in case of getting no confirmation from the merchant. Although there is no expiry date on the cash back or extra bonus earned by the customer but OXDIS may delete the amount without any prior notification.